Noblelift AC55/27×48 Manual Pallet Jack

Year: 2020

Make: Noblelift

Model#: AC55/27x48



Capacity: 5,500 lbs.



AC-Premier Design


• Top class range of pallet trucks with excellent designs.

• Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouses as well as factory plants.

• Reliable, sturdy, torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high quality steel profile, Germany standard WAGNER painting system ensures best powder coating and painting quality.

• All pivot points are greased to ensure excellent maneuverability with effortless steering. The chromed bearing bushes and joints allows quiet running properties and a long service life.

Capacity QIbs55006600
Min. Fork Height hInch33
Max.Fork Heght h1Inch7.57.5
Steering WheelInchφ7.1×2φ7.1×2
Load Roller SingleInchφ2..9×3.7φ2..9×3.7
Load Roller TandemInchφ2.9×2.8φ2.9×2.8
Size of Fork e*sInch
Width overall Forks BInch18/21/27
Fork Length IInch32/36/42/48

Price: 299.00 USD